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We want to help you Protect your Identity!

Did you know?

Arecent breach of a credit reporting agency is estimated to have affected theprivacy of about 143 Million Americans.

Have you been affected in Kentucky?

Check Here - Beshear AlertsKentuckians to Equifax Data Breach, Provides Tips on How to Avoid IdentityTheft

Let’s face it; this is not the only risk

  • Constant Internet driven consumer marketing has influenced our online buying habits. As a result, entering payment details personal information through Apps or webpages has become the norm.

  • Increased reporting of technology that can literally steal your credit card numbers as they are being scanned at local merchants.  

  • Domestic and Foreign Scams are on the rise.  

Inlight of this along with many other threats, it’s pretty scary out there forour identities & privacy; worse yet our hard earned money is at risk morethan ever!

Whileelectronics and other valuables can be replaced if stolen, identity theft canbe a burden to your life and haunt credit score for years.

KJ Insurance & Financial Services is proud to offer multipleoptions to help our clients find peace of mind while protecting the identity ofthemselves, their families and their businesses.

Asan individual or Family, check out our Protective Services page where we offer not only Identity TheftProtection but also vital protection when it comes to Roadside Services, CreditMonitoring and Tech Support with Secure Remote Data back-up. Choose 3 or moreservices and each service will only cost you $10 per month. (See our DirectorsWebsite for details)

Additionally, we now offer IDShield as partnerin protection for our clients. IDShield is a service of LegalShield that providesidentity theft protection services. They are committed to helping families inthe wake of uncertainty within the credit reporting industry. But because IDTheft and Legal Services go hand in hand you may need both! Protection Plansstart at just $9.95 per month, Click Here for details.

For your business, we offer great plans to protect companieslarge and small at every staffing level. From the executives to managementalong with all of your staff! Your company can provide protection plans thatcan be easily administered and or added to your company’s employee benefit portfolioas a payroll deduction. We even have a plan that with just 3 participants canbe offered on a convenient direct employee bank draft option through ID Shield.

We don’t stop there… as anIndependent Agent for Aflac,we also offer EZ Shield to new AflacAccounts and existing policyholders to employers of all sizes.

Ask us how working withAflac as supplemental benefit partner may allow you toprovide these types of benefits and more at no direct cost to you or your staffin the first year.

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